My Dear Car Baby

So after two years of Chloe suffering an hour long car ride home every workday, we finally agreed that we need to move closer to my parents. We’re estimating that we want to move sometime in the summer. I think, though, that Steven is thinking more late summer and I have early summer planned. I figure the sooner the better, though not right away. I know that we shouldn’t rush into moving, but I also don’t want to just sit on the thought.

My mom and my aunt offered to lend us money to help us adopt. There’s another point for adoption. I don’t really want to just give up on surrogacy. I lean more towards surrogacy. It’s just where my heart is. Not that I would love my adopted children any less. Truth is, I want to have my cake and eat it too. I want to do surrogacy AND I want to do adoption. If we had the money I would do surrogacy first and then one to two years later adopt from Vietnam. That is my perfect situation. Will it happen? I doubt it. I hope it does, but I doubt it. It’s greedy, but I figure I’m owed some greed.

With the way our money is now I’m probably going to have to go towards adoption. It’s not a horrible alternative, just different than what I originally planned, though I suppose a lot of adoptive parents start out that way. I do know that we would adopt from Vietnam. My mom is from Vietnam and I still have family living there so we would have that connection with the baby.

I’m going to be glad to go out for manicure’s with the girls this weekend. We can talk girl stuff.


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