busy weekend

I just finished cooking and washing all the ingrediants I need for my spring rolls. I’m so tired, but I’ll go to bed after my daily Sex and the City fix.

We have a busy weekend. Saturday we’re going to Chloe’s sports class and right after that we’re going to an adoption information meeting and right after that we have to head to UCLA for my sister-in-law’s graduation. Somewhere in there we have to find the time to give Chloe a nap. Then, of course, there’s father’s day on Sunday. I keep telling myself, only one more week. One more week and it’s our one week summer vacation. I think summer and winter vacation are the some of the best perks for working for a school. Okay, that and the fact that we help children and all that – but I do still love having those extra vacations.

We’re taking Chloe down to San Diego for vacation. We originally were going to use the time we have off to focus on potty training – but I decided I’d rather show Chloe Shamu instead. I think that she’ll love Sea World and the zoo. After that we’ll focus on potty training and see how it goes. I think that she has the intellect to be potty trained, but I just get the feeling she doesn’t have the desire yet. So I don’t have much faith that we’ll get her potty trained by July. I hope we will, but I doubt we will. Which is fine with me. She’s growing up too fast anyway.

Okay. Second night in a row I’m up past midnight. Off to bed.


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