I’m a Big Girl Now

We don’t know if it’s the move or growing pains or changes in independence, but Chloe has been having a rough time the past few days. She’s been challenging our authority left and right, having a hard time making decisions, been incredibly moody, and just plain having a hard time. This morning, when we got to my parents house (her sitters), she flat out refused to get out of the car. That’s very unlike her even when she doesn’t want me to leave.

Now, if you’re weirded out at all by a breastfeeding toddler (I know you’re out there), then just ignore this part or don’t read on. It’s not graphic or anything. Besides Chloe being moody, the place where her having a “hard time” is most evident in regards to her breastfeeding. She’s 2 and 1/2 so she’s gotten down to eating 3 times a day – in the morning when she wakes up, when I come home from work, and before she goes to sleep at night, and off and on if she’s not feeling well or needs emotional comfort. We don’t pressure her. She tells us when she wants “mommy juice” and that’s when she eats. Well, a couple of times she’s had a hard time deciding if she wants to eat or not. She’ll say she wants to eat, so I’ll get ready and then she’ll start acting like she’s mad at herself and say that she doesn’t want to eat. She’ll go back and forth with this for a while. At one point the other day I swear she yelled “nooooooo” at my boobs (ha. I felt like my boobs were being bad the way she said this to them.). This is what leads me to my guess that she is beginning to want independence from me but is having a hard time with the option of independence.

The other thing is the moods. Changing moods back and forth. She goes from happy to mad to sad to happy in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, not only is it hard on her, these mood changes are hard on us. Both Steven and I have had our fill at some point. I know I’ve had to take a couple of breaks from my (most of the time, darling) daughter.

Now, we’re not sure what is wrong. She might be struggling with the move to our new place as she begins to realize that she’s not going back to the old place. It could be any number of things. I hate not knowing what’s bothering my baby. I can only guess and support her and be there for her, but sometimes I just feel at a loss and that I should be doing more. It will pass. In the meantime, we’ll all wade through it, hoping for the best.


2 responses to “I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. This is usually a really tough age. I have always said 3 is harder than 2 and 2 1/2 is harder than 3. I have been an early childhood educator for the past 12+ years and, as the scripture says, this too shall pass. I think she is going through her own form of independence and by you just supporting her and keeping houshold rules constant, this will help her a lot. Gosh, sorry I got on my ‘teacher soapbox.’ I hope things go better for you in the next few weeks. 🙂

  2. mommy magallanes

    Thank you for your “soapbox.” She is getting better. She is still testing her boundaries by saying no to everything now, including things that she wants. We’ll get through it and hopefully, with our love and support, she will too.

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