now that’s freaky

I have to share. I’m happily freaked out.

So yesterday I’m sitting at work and suddenly this “good feeling” passes over me. I just know that something good is going to happen. So I told my husband that something good was going to happen. Got home. Checked the mail. An unexpected check came in early. That’s more money into savings for the adoption.

Now, since I mailed our application I’ve been waiting impatiently by checking my email every other minute and keeping my phone glued to my side and checking the mail the second we get home for any contact from our agency. This is what I was hoping the first good feeling was, so I was a little disappointed in the check, even though it is a good thing.

Fast forward to today. So I’m sitting at work and I get that good feeling again. Then a little feeling inside my head told me that I got something (you probably think that I’m crazy; I think I’m crazy). The first thing I thought of was my email or mail (because my phone obviously wasn’t ringing). I thought to myself it wasn’t possible because I had just checked my email not even 30 minutes ago. Yes, of course I checked my email again. And yes I did get an email from my agency. Yay! Now that’s freaky.

So I called the Director as soon as I read the entire email a few times. She’s nice and said I’ll have information emailed to me today or tomorrow morning for the next steps that will happen with our adoption. Awesome. My adoption ball is officially rolling. I am super excited!


One response to “now that’s freaky

  1. That is so neat that you got those feelings!! I am so happy that your adoption ball is rolling!

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