make a list

I have no clue if anyone reads this or cares, but I remember when I was first reading adoption blogs and thinking about adopting I like these kinds of entries the best.

List of the forms we have to turn in before we get scheduled to do our homestudy.

employer verification – in the mail!, check

medical form – got a dr’s appt tomorrow for both of us, check

personal data information – 17 page form all about me and another one for my husband; I hate to admit it but my husband is further along on it than me (he only has 3 questions left and I have. . .a lot of questions left. The questions about dealing with my infertility are some of the hardest for me and also the questions about how I was parented by my parents – my parents are great; it’s just that we butted heads A LOT and so it’s hard to explain.)

birth and marriage certif – I have mine and ordered the others today, they’ll be here in a couple of weeks

criminal and fingerprinting things – this one will have to wait, we’re still waiting for a form from our agency to complete this.

financial statement – haven’t touched this one yet; hope to get it done this weekend

So there it is. My list of things to do. After my agency gets all of this and our personal references we’ll be able to schedule our home study with our social worker, I’ve met her already and she seems really nice so i’m not too nervous.


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