nothing much

Nothing much. Things are slowing down. We should have all our forms and such filled out or ordered by Monday, with only one exception, our fingerprints (I’m still waiting to get that one in the mail, so that we can actually go do it). Other than that, nothing much. Our last doc’s appointment is on Monday, the complete physical. My husband joked that complete physicals are our doc’s way of getting money because once Steven went in with a hurt toe and the doc wanted him to come in for a complete physical. What happens during a complete physical anyway? I have no clue what’s going to happen. I am not the type of person that goes to a doctor all the time. I only go when I have to, like way back when I was pregnant and even then I didn’t start going until after I was out of my first trimester. It’s one of the ways my parents could gauge my sickness, because I would refuse unless I felt particularly horrible. I don’t ever remember having a physical done. Not in my adult life anyway.

I am upset that we haven’t started our Christmas shopping yet. Every year I try my best to start our Christmas shopping in July, getting a little bit done every week or every other week. I absolutely refuse to go shopping after Thanksgiving. I live in a place where after Thanksgiving and thru to almost the end of the year every single mall and store is PACKED. It’s horrifying!

I think I’m really just ready for September to be over with. Our family has so much going on from October to February that it’s pretty much a whirlwind of activity every single weekend. I’m just ready for things to start. And, by my calculations, we should be knee deep in our home study between the middle to end of October. *fingers crossed*

At the very least Chloe’s sports class is starting next week. And her “Creative Movement” (I have no clue what that means) class starts the week after. She loves taking these classes. She loves being around other kids. She’s going to be such a fabulous older sister. I can’t wait. I used to worry because she’s so rough when playing with me and her father, but I’ve seen her play with other kids and she’s pretty gentle with them. She loves to give love and hugs and kisses, which her boy cousins aren’t too appreciative of.


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