cutest ears ever

We went off to Disneyland again. I wanted to take Chloe to Goofy’s Kitchen, where you can eat and meet the Disney characters. The beginning of that wasn’t so good. Chloe saw the big bear from the Jungle Book first. Scared her out of her mind. Poor thing. She was crying and was trying to bury herself in me. But once he was gone, she was better. She was always nervous that he would come back (kept looking over her shoulder), but she loved Chip and Dale, and Goofy, and Pluto; she said hi to all of them and even laughed at them when they would do something funny. After, we took her to the Playhouse Disney Live. She loves and adores that show. Now it’s picture time!

My baby bug waiting for her favorite live show to start. LOVE the minnie ears (took 3 trips to Disneyland to convince my husband that we had to have them, and she’s so cute in them that it’s totally worth it).

Speaking of cute, as soon as I saw these ears there was no way I wasn’t getting them. They are so freaking CUTE! Now I just have to get them on my toddler and get her to stand still for pictures.

And last, but never least, the loves of my life. (Shhh, my husband didn’t want me to upload this one. I rarely get him in a picture and even rarer is getting to show it off in any sort of public situation.)


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