photos and taking my time

I have some time to kill at my mom’s house so I thought I would download the pictures they have on their camera here. They watch my daughter all week so they had quite a few.

Chloe playing in the livingroom. She really is a mini person now.

My mom grows wintermelon. They’re HUGE. The ones she grows are over 50 pounds!!

This is the aftermath of when Chloe plays “armadillo” in the backyard.

Playing with her wand.

My husband pointed out that I’m rushing through this adoption, or trying to. When we have paperwork to fill out or an appointment to make I want to do it right now and get the earliest appointment possible. I was making him nervous. So I’ll take my time from now, until he gets the same itchy, do it now bug. ;p My husband is a more patient, relaxed, things will come when they come kind of person. It’s not too big a deal, we’ll just take our time with what we need to do. I’d rather not, of course. I mean, the process is long even with the rushing. But if it means his peace of mind, I’ll be fine. I have to remind myself that this is his experience as well as mine, and I don’t want it to be negative. He really is into the adoption and our baby and a sibling for Chloe, just not the me rushing part.

Speaking of taking my time with things. When I was a teenager every time I went to my dentist, who’s a very nice man, would tell me that I should get my wisdom teeth pulled before I was an adult. Every time he asked I would say “no thankyou.” I thought of it as unnecessary. His point was that one day it would be necessary and better earlier than, well, now. So now here I am, in pain. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist for a year now. And now I have a cracked wisdom tooth. I’ve put off calling the dentist the past four days, even though I was in pain. It was only this morning that I discovered the reason I was in pain was that it is cracked. Fun. And what was the first thing that popped into my head when I figured it out?

– if only I had gotten it pulled before.


2 responses to “photos and taking my time

  1. Ryan and Heather Oldenburg

    She is so cute!!!!!
    I never got my wisdom teeth out either, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Ahh!
    Sorry your tooth is giving you trouble!

  2. What beautiful ringlets! YOu are truly blessed!

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