I’m leaving in a little bit to go to the dentist. He’s pulling out my wisdom tooth today. I am scared out of my mind. I’ve only heard horror stories about how much it hurts. So I’m not terribly excited to be doing this.

And tomorrow night I get to pack for our vacation. So I’ll be missing for a little over a week.

I did want to mention my conversation yesterday before I leave and forget. I went to get my nails done. I went to this place I’d never been before just because I was in the neighborhood. The lady starts chit-chatting. She asked me if I have children. I told her about my daughter. She asked if we were going to have more so we could have a boy. I mentioned that my husband and I are adopting. She looks sad and tells me that adopting is hard. I agreed because in my head I was thinking about the process of adopting and the adjustment the child will have to go through and so on and so forth. Then she says, “because when they grow up they won’t love you anymore because you’re not their mom.” She started talking about how I should have my own children; that it will be “better.”

Now, I know, and I’m guessing that you know, that there’s just all sorts of things wrong with her statement. I’m actually a little shocked that someone would say/think these things. Let alone say them to someone they don’t know and will probably never see again. But, what do you say? What do you do? I’m pretty passive-aggressive and so don’t normally just take on people I don’t know, but feel I should say or do something.

Okay, here I go. Off to the dentist. Then off to Rhode Island. Probably lots of pictures when I get back.

ETA: Getting a tooth pulled isn’t nearly as scary when it’s happening as it was in my head!! Off to pack.


2 responses to “fears

  1. Let me know about how the dentist went. I’ve been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for years, but I want all teeth isues resolved before I leave for VN, see, there I go, putting it off again.

    And, the lady who didn’t know any better, grrr…I wouldn’t have know what to say either. Sorry about that. 😦

  2. I go to a dentist that knocks you out during all the work. I can’t handle the dentist either!
    Good luck!

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