warm holiday fuzzies

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is almost over and we have almost all of our Christmas gifts bought (except for my parents, two of my nieces, and some small gifts for Chloe), I’m getting excited about Christmas.

This year is so much more exciting, mainly because Chloe can understand so much more this year. We’ve been talking to her about Santa and what he’s all about and she’s excited. I told her today that I would help her write a letter to Santa so that he knows what presents she wants him to bring her. I love it.

I do want to figure out some kind of Christmas themed craft with Chloe. I haven’t been able to find any that are appropriate for a two year old. I really want her to be involved so that she doesn’t just feel like the holidays are happening around her but that she is part of the celebration.

And speaking of trying to find the perfect dress for this year’s Christmas – here’s her perfect dress from last year:


One response to “warm holiday fuzzies

  1. Too cute. What a little supermodel. Work it girl! 🙂

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