The holidays have been keeping me away. BUT we do have all our decorations up, most of the presents wrapped and a lot of my homemade presents are nearly done.

I love this year because we’ve been able to explain Santa to Chloe. And that has opened my eyes up – to how freaky scary the idea of Santa can be.

My little two year old gets to hear stories about this big, old man who’s going to come waltzing into her home on some random day. That’s scary. And she doesn’t know when Christmas is exactly. So every once in a while I would catch her saying, “I don’t want to be scared of Santa.” Yeah, I know. Heartbreaking.

So, being the protective mommy that I am I tried to make things better for my darling daughter:

me: “You don’t have to be scared baby, he only comes when you’re asleep.”

So now, every night before bed she sits in the dark and whispers, “I don’t want to be scared of Santa. . . he only comes when you’re sleeping.” I could just smack myself. Ah, the holidays. They’ll be over soon.


3 responses to “swamped

  1. When I was young “santa” use to wear red lipstick, and kiss us on the cheek when we were sleeping, the lipstick would leave an outline on our cheeks for us to see in the morning. I was PETRIFIED after that of him coming in my room, and me seeing him, it wasn’t the hit my mom was looking for.

  2. mommy magallanes

    Aw. That’s so sad. And yet, I’m mildly happy that I’m not the only mommy who has made a Santa mistake. Thank you.

  3. too cute! my parents used to tell me santa would come in and give me a kiss on my cheek on his was to delievering my presents. i was petrified of that kiss and would hide under the covers. i dont think i will tell lulu santa gives kisses:)

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