stop and smell the flowers

I feel much better. Thank you nicki and nina for your kind advice. I typed that last entry up right after I heard the news and in the middle of having a sick baby and sick husband. Not the best time to deal with stress. It still bothers me that I can not find out whose reference they have, or don’t have. I’ll just have to deal with the information that I do have.

Instead of placing blame on anyone, I will be asking if they have a copy of what they sent to my agency to send back to them and if not to please write a new one and send it out (with delivery confirmation, please). Our friends know how important this is to us and I don’t doubt they told the truth and did send out our references. Something happened. I don’t know what, but at least I can ask them to help me turn it around.
Luckily, today Steven isn’t sick like yesterday. I sure hope Chloe isn’t sick for Christmas.

2 responses to “stop and smell the flowers

  1. I wonder if your home study final copy will eventually reveal who turned in their letters and who didn’t. Our home study final draft, on one page says, “references were received from X, Y, and Z and all reported the W family to be good parents.” or something like that. Maybe yours will do the same. I hope they get those in soon!


  2. mommy magallanes

    That is really interesting. Thanks. I’ll have to watch out for that. We’re asking them this weekend, so fingers crossed.

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