Joining the Masses

I’m joining all the other dieters out there. I just started last week. I’ve lost 3 pounds.

My sister and her family is coming to visit in March. What does that have to do with me needing to lose weight (besides the obvious fact that I really do need to lose weight)? We’re all going to be taking a large family photo. My parents, my sister and her family, and me and my family. The last time I took a family picture with my parents and sister was when I was about 10.

So, now. I’m not how I want to look in a family picture. Couple that with my gorgeous size 4 sister, and here I am on a diet because, quite frankly, I am not a size 4 – far from it, a little too far. I don’t want to expect a miracle to lose the total amount that I want, but I will be happy with 20 pounds, and very very happy with 30 pounds, and ecstatic with any more (which will probably not happen).

Broccoli, soup, cauliflower, and fish – here I come. Yum.


One response to “Joining the Masses

  1. I just bought the book “you on a diet”–also the new one by Bob Greene looks good…Good luck! I am right there with you–and that picture is a good motivator–you can do it!

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