In general, when you like someone, think that they are an okay person, it’s in good taste to stay away from saying something that you know will hurt their feelings – regardless of how you feel about it. Just a general how to get along with people rule. I find it perfectly okay to keep my feelings to myself if someone is particularly sensitive to something. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman. I don’t know.

Just to explain. I work with a guy who has a lot of ill feelings towards police officers. That’s fine. I don’t agree, but that’s his thing. My father is a police officer. Months ago he made a crack about wishing a police officer to get shot. I made it perfectly clear that that was crossing the line – for me. I don’t find it even remotely funny. Not only is my father a police officer, but when I was 10 he got shot. He got called to a domestic disturbance. A man was beating his wife and kid outside their home (a neighbor called it in) and when my dad told him to stop he shot my dad. I know firsthand the emotional trauma that a family goes through when this happens. I can’t even begin to imagine if my father didn’t survive. I was only ten. Our family went through very tough times because of this. I even told this to my coworker to get across that I take things like that personally.

Today my other coworker was talking about a time awhile ago when her son threw some trash out of the car when she was driving. A cop pulled her over for littering. She got a ticket and had to do some community service because her son littered and she was held responsible for his actions. The guy who I already explained everything to months ago decides to say, “Well, take solace in the fact that months after that happened she probably got shot.” I’m just disgusted. I told him that’s not appropriate and I don’t appreciate it and I reminded him what happened to my family. I have no clue what else to do or say without wanting to throttle him, or never speak to or see him again (which is difficult seeing as how we work together). What do you do when someone is that insensitive?

Sorry, just had to get this out.


4 responses to “insensitivity

  1. I really think some people are just plain ignorant, and unfortunately those kind of people never “get it.”

  2. That is just absolutely ridiculous, insensitive doesn’t even begin to describe it. I would as much as possible avoid contact with that person (obviously easier said than done at work)–what a total a$$. And glad your dad survived, I can only imagine how scary that was for you.

  3. What a jerk. I think people like that aren’t just insensitive. THey are just self-consumed. They like the attention that “shocking” comments like that make. Even if it is negative attention, it is still attention. What an ass.

  4. What a creep. Who is the first person you call when you are in trouble…. A COP!!!! People who hate cops because they are cops really p@ss me off, becasue they put their lives on the line everyday for people they don’t even know and are sadly WAY under payed.

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