They were delivered!!

Yay. I got the adoption books that I ordered.

Had a talk with my family at Chloe’s party about our adoption. It started with me mentioning that I got that Rosetta Stone program to learn Vietnamese. That went into a whole thing of, “you could have asked us to teach you.” And I would have asked them to teach me, but I really suck at learning new languages. Honestly. I know this about myself. Three years of Spanish class and Two or Three years of Chinese school, plus two or three Mandarin classes in college has taught me one thing – I suck. Languages just don’t stick in my brain. It’s something I’ve struggled with. I mean, for goodness sake, my mom is fluent in 5 languages! FIVE. I wish I knew more languages, especially Cantonese, or Vietnamese. I could always read it phenomenally better than I can hear it or say it. That said, I got Rosetta Stone and really wanted to at least give it a try. And I have had to do just the feature where they say the words and there is no written word because I find myself reading it. I was flying through it reading the words. Hearing it is really hard on me and I’ve been struggling through just the second lesson.

My cousin did teach me this phrase that night. I have no clue how to spell it, but it sounds like

Lie-Die Ma-Um.

And it took me four times before I pronounced it right – or at least I think I did, that’s when everyone around the table finally laughed and said, “good.” Anyways, the phrase means “Come to Mother.”

Then we talked about not rushing to adopt. I’m glad that they are so supportive and feel that way. They said that when I see the picture I will know deep down if that is my baby, and if anything feels wrong don’t rush into it just to have a baby – because they all know how much I want this. (And I think one of my cousins said I have to go pray at Temple to find this out, but I’m not sure because she said it in Chinese). But the conversation made me feel good. And they said I don’t have to worry at all while we’re in Vietnam because I have so much family there to help out.

With warm fuzzies I leave you to go read my books.


One response to “They were delivered!!

  1. Ryan and Heather

    Lucky you! It’s so awesome to have such a supportive family-especially who know so much about Vietnam, the culture and the language!
    None of our family or friends have ever traveled out of the country or have much experience with other cultures so we’ve tried to meet other people to teach us the culture and expose our baby to everything they can about Vietnam but it’s hard making those connections with people you just met!

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