Beginning Project Fundraising

So, for those of you fundraising, collecting donations, selling items to help pay for the adoption costs? How is that going? What is working or not working?

We should be getting a bill for our homestudy soon and we are about to dive deep into trying to fundraise in the next week. I’ve started a craft shop that I will keep adding to as often as I can. (Shameless plug: I only have 3 cards there now, but will be adding and adding soon enough. I also thought about making designs and selling on cafepress. We’re going to be adding a donation button to our personal web site. And I’m going to start combing through our home to find stuff to put up for sell on ebay. – My husband actually agreed to part with his PSP?!!?!? –

It’s a huge organizational undertaking that I hope goes well. Just trying to see how everyone else’s fundraising and such is going and try to gage what kind of response we can expect.


2 responses to “Beginning Project Fundraising

  1. I’m flattered. I lived in a semi trailor for a month and a Aerostar van for 3 months. I almost was wiped but now I intend to bring a level of gloom to all sinful participants who said that my cancer and bipolar didn’t matter. Please send your generous donation to my blog address unless I find it conflicts with WordPress policy.

  2. I’m so sorry this went to the wrong blog page. The paragraph with reference to the person who typed in my response box was an oversight with the aug 29th 7:03AM tag is a gross mistake. My apology.

    A friend of mind has good fundraising luck with spaghetti dinners because they are cheap and easy. Joe Stortini of JoeSeppi’s in Tacoma Washington is a juggernaut.

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