Why Do You Do It?

This past weekend I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this blog and why I write, and why I write what I write. I started this blog nearly a year ago. I began writing because of all of the decisions I was beginning to explore on expanding our family. It was about me and the conflicting issues of wanting more children so badly and deciding on what was going to be best for all of us. I started this blog on my quest to find answers. And I found them. And this blog changed as I changed. As we go through our homestudy and get deeper and deeper into our adoption, and as Chloe grows into this beautiful little lady, it all changes. I’ve enjoyed it. I think that I have benefited from the writing and the connections of other parents like me.

More and more, as I make these connections, my writing changes. I think more about the people. Of course, it is my life and my thoughts, but the readers matter too. I’ve changed, in part, to the people I’ve made connections with. The people whose amazing journeys I have followed.

I thought all weekend about writing and why we do it. Why do you do it? Is it just an electronic diary, as mine started out as? Is it the readers, and the obligation to them? A little of both? It’s definitely interesting, as blogging is so new and has become so explosive (literally, a place for everyone with every interest). These are people and stories I wouldn’t have known and grown with otherwise.


2 responses to “Why Do You Do It?

  1. A little of both for me, I started just wanting to be able to have friends and family follow the journey of adoption. I also wanted to be able to keep track of the milestones in the journey because I know that someday I may forget what was involved in the process. However, I’ve mostly now found comfort in reading other peoples journeys etc. I feel like many of these fellow bloggers are friends that I enjoy spending time with.

  2. Look at it this way: if you find a way to store al of this, you can show it to your children when they’re older. And they’ll say “Mom, you used to have to TYPE into a KEY-BORED??”

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