Last One In

The last paperwork we needed is in. I know because I saw our reference person mail it. She got it in the mail yesterday, typed it up today, and mailed it off today. Should have put her name down to begin with. Oh well. Damn hindsight.

Life in general is just peachy and moving along. Nothing exciting. Chloe is testing her boundaries again. (Do your children do the “yes/no” thing? – if they do, you know exactly what I’m talking about.) We’ve gotten two of the three things I had prayed for (so far, crossing my fingers and toes for the third) a couple of weeks ago, so I need to go back to Temple to say my thank you’s. It always felt funny to me to pray for something specific and I try to rarely do it, but maybe sometimes it just needs to be said. My three things were a big raise for my husband, a big raise for me, and for our adoption to start moving and not be static like it was for ages. Now we’re just waiting for my raise. My boss says it’s in the last stage and one last person just needs to sign the proposal.

The best news is that we have spring break starting this Thursday. This will be so good. I hate math and I still have an entire month of editing one of our algebra classes. It’s killing me, very slowly and painfully. So, a four day weekend will be nice. We’re taking Chloe to Disneyland, and of course, egg hunting. She’s already ready for Easter. The Easter bunny, however, is not ready and needs to finish her shopping tomorrow night. It’s cute – the entire basket will have princess stuff. A tiara, sparkly dress-up shoes, the Mulan DVD, and other little stuff. Chloe has just started getting into playing dress-up, and of course she has to dress up like a princess.

I love doing the holiday thing with Chloe. It’s so exciting. For Easter we go to the grocery store and she picks out a special carrot. That night we put it out for the Easter bunny to snack on while he’s leaving her goodies. Then, in the morning, there’s a basket full of amazing stuff and a half eaten carrot. She gets a real kick out of it.


One response to “Last One In

  1. Have fun at Disney, and congrats on getting the last piece of paperwork in!

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