Fun Fact about Me Day

My last couple of posts have been kind of heavy feeling, so I thought I would pick up the fun by picking on myself for a little bit. So, for now, it’s Fun Fact about Me Day.

I LOVE to watch really bad tv. It’s an addiction of mine. I watch tv and feel like I just want to relax and have silly fun and not think too much. I want to laugh and watch people go crazy and do stuff that, quite frankly, I wouldn’t do and wouldn’t want to do.

Just how bad is really bad you ask? Well, here’s a small list of some of the shows I’ve fallen in love with:

Flavor of Love
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
I Love New York
Surreal Life
The Girls Next Door
Celebrity Fit Club

And oh my goodness, Charmed School has just started.

It is mostly VH1 reality shows. But what can I say, they are the Masters of Fabulously Trashy TV. I do my fair share of watching Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes and Desperate Housewives. But, the majority of my tv time is well spent with the most trashy and ridiculous shows that I can find. I love them. And I just found the show Engaged and Underage. Come on now, what could be better than coming home from a long day’s work, turning on the tv, and watching a bride decide to let her fiance’s mom give her a bikini wax? Seriously. Nothing better.

A couple of months ago I was watching tv upstairs and my husband walks in. He stares at the tv for about a minute, then looks to me, looks at the tv, looks at me, and finally gets exasperated enough to declare,

“OMYGOD, you will watch ANYTHING!”

There’s my Fun Fact about Me. And, at the very least, as your flipping through the channels and you come upon a show that is so bad you have to ask yourself, “Who the hell is watching this crap?” ALL ME.

Have a fabulous weekend!


One response to “Fun Fact about Me Day

  1. My favs too! My hubby asks me all the time “when are you going to grow up,” never I say. I think a part of me will always be a teenibop!

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