Hide and Go. . .?

Chloe decided she wanted to play upstairs, which is where her toy room is so it wasn’t surprising. Calling me from upstairs, she wanted me to play with her. I was finishing up a scrapbook page. I figured another few minutes, I’ll be done, and I can go play with her.

Few minutes pass, and suddenly we hear crying from upstairs. Pretty loud, sad crying. As if she had been crying for a while. The cries were slightly muffled so my first thought was that she had accidentally locked herself in a room. She knows how to open doors, but isn’t always successful at it. So, I run upstairs and follow her cries.

I realize that her cries were coming from our bedroom, not her toy room. My daughter was under the covers of our bed. Crying. Sobbing.

It took a few minutes to figure out that she was playing hide and seek. Well, she hid under the covers and was waiting for us to find her. She had started crying because we hadn’t found her yet.

We had a small talk about how we need to tell each other when we’re going to play hide and seek so that the seeker can actively look for the hider. Nevertheless, it must have been scary for her. I’m a little glad that she did this in the safety of our home and was able to learn this lesson. God help me if she up and decides to play hide and seek in a store or at the park.


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