Vacation and Food

Summer break is nearly over. I’ve spent most of it crafting or at Disneyland or tending to a sunburn. It’s been fabulous (minus the sunburn) and very low stress. I really wanted to go on the new Nemo submarine ride, but there was no way. I swear half the people that were at Disneyland were in line for Nemo. The line was insanely long. I heard of some people waiting 4+ hours for that ride. There was no way my 3 year old would have let us wait 4 hours in a long line in the hot sun for one ride. Thank goodness for annual passes. We’ll just wait until everyone is out of the line. ;p


I’ve been on this diet for almost 3 weeks now (and I’ve lost 6 pounds, which I’m very happy about). Because of this I’m constantly thinking about food. This might seem completely off topic but I eventually started to wonder what my child’s birth mother is (or was or will) eating while she’s pregnant. I wonder what my child will like to eat and if it has any relation. Chloe loves bland foods. She likes her food without all the good stuff on it, which is exactly how I ate when pregnant with her. I ate a lot of salad with no dressing, pasta with no sauce, rice with no butter and soy sauce (yes, that’s how I eat my rice – well, before the diet). My mom ate lots of cookies with me and lots of oranges with my sister. Maybe she’s eating a lot of Pho, or rice dishes, or lychee.

Have I expressed my love of lychee’s yet? They’re my favorite fruit. I’m not a big fan of fruits, but man are they yummy. I can bags and bags of them (which is exactly what I did when we were in Vietnam, and what I will be doing the next time we’re in Vietnam).

Sorry this post was so random.


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