The Sport of Bowling


My dad’s side of the family is BIG into bowling. Almost everyone is in a bowling league. It really is cute. I’m sure if we lived in Rhode Island we’d get wrangled into doing it too. It’s family fun, and they’re really into it.

In appreciation of that fact, I cut this very short video for my grandparents.

In adoption news, we dug deep into my parents safe and discovered that I need to change the name on my passport. So this week we’ll be going to take passport photos and get that all straightened out. Also, tomorrow is the date our social worker said our home study report would be done by. I’m just itchin’ to see it, to know that it’s done.

And seriously, who else is on the edge of their seat just waiting for Harry Potter 7 to come out already? I just finished book 6 yesterday. I liked going through it again to remind myself of all the exciting things to come. . . .waiting . . .impatiently. . .


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