Chloe conversations

A couple of conversations with Chloe and her daddy:

Conversation One

The scene: Daddy walks into the hallway. There is a juicebox sitting there in the middle of the hallway floor.

Daddy: CHLOE!!

Chloe: Yes.

Daddy: *points to the juicebox on the floor* What is this doing here?

Chloe: *looks down at the floor; notices nothing out of the ordinary* what?

Daddy: The juicebox on the floor. What is it doing here?

Chloe: . . . . It’s waiting for me.

Conversation Two

The scene: daddy and chloe are playing in the living room. They are both laughing hysterically and having a grand ol’ time.

Daddy: hahahaha. You are so goofy!

Chloe: hahah. You are SO Mickey!


3 responses to “Chloe conversations

  1. O.k., the second conversation made me laugh out loud! Kids are great for completely unexpected giggles like that!

  2. That cracks me up…tell Daddy to stop trying to steal her juice already…LOL

  3. She’s so quick with the comebacks! I love it.

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