The Princess Room

We’ve begun the talk about converting the now toy room into Chloe’s bedroom (Princess themed, as requested by her). I knew in the back of my mind that it would eventually have to come out. We fully plan on cosleeping with our next child as we did with Chloe (if he would like to like she did), but would really prefer that Chloe be in her own bed. We just won’t all four fit on our bed. We don’t want to start it the day that he gets here because that would just send all sorts of wrong messages to Chloe.

Next big thing to do is decorate the toy room into her bedroom. Then we have to convince her to sleep in there. ;p I’m hoping that letting her help pick out the things she wants to decorate will help with the transition. And things like helping pick out her bed and bed sheets.

It’s a big step, and quite frankly I don’t even know if I’m ready for it. The toughest part of being a parent for me has always been letting go. I always have to force myself to let go when she is showing an interest in independence. Hopefully she feels ready enough for this big move.

I do think we’ll keep a small sleeping bag next to our bed, in case she needs it. That way she can return to our room, but not our bed.


One response to “The Princess Room

  1. I really feel ya on this one. FYI, Addy She hates it, always has. It is a possibility I had not considered!

    We made Noah a “nest” with comforters on the floor next to our bed and that way he could sleep there if we could not get him to sleep in his room. It worked out great – it was another option so he didn’t feel so cornered (so to speak) and it was easier for *me* becuase I have those same letting go problems.

    I finally had to get him set up in his room this week becuase the floor is off limits at the moment while we have it cleaned and he is just fine but I *really* miss him!!! There is something comforting to me about just having my kids nearby at night. Not in my bed, per se, but close. I can not stand our new first-floor bedroom 😦

    Anyway I feel your pain 🙂

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