Fit for a Princess

I think I found the bed that I want to get for Chloe’s bedroom.

I found it at IKEA. Originally I wanted to get her a bunk bed, so that eventually her brother could move into her room with her and he would have a place to sleep, but they just weren’t as cute as this one is. I think it’s fit for a princess. The only unfortunate thing is that all the beds at IKEA don’t look all that comfortable – the good thing is that there are a couple of cute ones in our price range. We may still go the bunk bed route.

They also have this one, which is cute too – but I just keep picturing her falling off.


4 responses to “Fit for a Princess

  1. Lynn~Somewhere In The Sun

    Oh, CUTE bed! My title for the post for my daughter’s bed is the same as yours!

  2. Cute beds, we are going to Ikea next Monday (I can hardly stand myself I love going to Ikea)!!!!

  3. Ryan and Heather

    I LOVE that top bed, it’s beautiful! Fit for a princess indeed!

  4. Sarah & Eric

    We have the top bed in our guest room! I don’t think the Ikea mattresses are too comfy, but that bed will fit any standard-sized twin mattress, too!

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