Break From Thursday – Care Packages

I like the thought of sending someone something just because or to show your support. Care packages are great and versatile. Every once in a while I like to send one out to someone. Care packages can be elaborate or simple, meaningful or light-hearted. When my best friend moved out to Missouri for her mission I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of wacky and fun stuff to send to her. In it we also included recent pictures of her girlfriends on our trip to the desert. It was a way to show that we were still thinking about her.
If you send out a care package, have fun with it. You can theme it or taylor it to the person’s needs or tastes.
My nieces live far away from me in Florida and I always miss them desperately. I like to send them a package every once in a while, not just on their birthday or Christmas to let them know that I think about them and miss them. The last package I sent was last summer and it contained very girlie (they’re now in their pre-teens) embellished school supplies. I hope to send out another one soon. This time I am theming it with stuff they can use to decorate in their room (my sister’s family just moved into a new home a few months ago).
Every once in a while before I pick Chloe up after work I go out and buy some cute goodies. I leave them on her carseat for her to find. It always cheers up her day and makes her feel special. I love watching her discover that special present left just for her just because.
I have a friend who will be going through chemotherapy starting next week and so I fixed up a care package to send to her this week. In the care package I’m including a book of inspirational quotes that I made. I found the quotes online, printed them out, then I cut them out and taped them onto designer paper. I put those into a scrapbook and I put alpha stickers on the front that spell out “FAITH.” I’m also including some bath salts and two lunchtins, one for each of her daughters. Her daughters are around my daughter’s age so in the lunchtins are a small stuffed animal, crayons, and a princess coloring book.


3 responses to “Break From Thursday – Care Packages

  1. Oh my goodness, what a thoughtful aunt, mommy and friend you are! I love making care packages too, but I’ve never made any as crafty or personalized as those and sadly I rarely make the time to do it anymore. Thanks for the reminder that there’s always a good reason to send someone a little love and cheer!
    ps. prayers for your friend as she starts chemo – may it do its job well and quickly!

  2. That’s beautiful!!! Wishing your friend well.

  3. That is amazing! I used to do those things and then life took over, you have inspired me to think maybe I should do that again, I have this amazing frined who would LOVE that! Thanks for reigniting that in me and though I am not a recipient of one of your amazing care packages thanks for doing them and making the world a better place!

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