The Spirit of Christmas

Mrs. Broccoli Guy nominated me for the Spirit of Christmas Award. See, I knew the Rudolph-mobile would take me places!
So now I nominate 4 bloggers that display the Spirit of Christmas. (It’s supposed to be 5, but I’m cheating.)

Kerry from 3continentfamily because she’s such a sweet spirit.
Sue from Waiting for Our Sweetpea for the same reason. Sue and Kerry both definitely display the spirit of Christmas daily.
Sarah from On the Way to Little Hay because I love her tree and I get to use this time to remind her to carve out some time for *my* holiday visit!

Colleen from Martha is my Homeboy because she helps me go all crazy with the parties and I want her to start posting regularly again.

I’ll leave you with our company holiday party pictures from this past weekend. It was a fun party. The theme was a masquerade ball.


3 responses to “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. THANK YOU!! That was so very sweet šŸ™‚

    You were quite a Looker at your party! Beautiful!

  2. waitingforoursweetpea

    Wow! Thank you so much! What a wonderful gesture!

    I second kerry’s comment about your party, Little Miss Hottie!

  3. What great pictures and Congratulations!

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