The Gift of Giving

One of my favorite part of the holidays is taking Chloe shopping for a very special gift for a very special little boy or girl. This year it was for the cutest little 5 year old boy who wanted “only boy gifts” and loves spiderman.

I want to show Chloe the gift of giving. Luckily every Christmas, my work has a toy drive for children. Each child makes a paper ornament and on the ornament is their name, age, and what types of toys they like. So I choose an ornament and I show it to Chloe and we go out and she helps buy a toy for them. This year I was the only lucky person who got a picture with their ornament.

What I like most is that it personalizes the giving. We also do the old toy roundup and give those away, and that’s nice and has it’s place. This way, though, especially for Chloe, she gets to know the child on the other end and it’s not just her old toys, it’s a brand new toy that she helps to pick out at the store. It gives her that connection and, I hope, gives her the true spirit of Christmas, the gift of giving.

It’s also deeply personal for my husband, who also happens to like this part of Christmas, because he used to be that child that didn’t always have toys on Christmas. So while I love all the other parts of Christmas, this tradition definitely has its place as part of our Christmas joy.

2 responses to “The Gift of Giving

  1. What a great way to teach the spirit of giving!

  2. How sweet! I think that is great for everyone involved. How wonderful to teach Chloe this way 🙂 It makes Christmas time that much sweeter, I am sure.

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