What Preschool Has Done to Us

So my daughter not only does not ever want to return to preschool ever again, but we have had 2 bedsheet changes, 4 changes of clothes, one ruined favorite blanket (*my* favorite blanket), and having to call over one poor grocery store worker to clean up puke – we’re not exactly excited about preschool either.  And really, puke is just a horrible thing to have to clean up.  I love my daughter – but ew, I definitely don’t love washing all her sickness out of our bedspreads and her clothes all night long.  And then having to hold your own nausea in after smelling it – so, long story short, we haven’t had the best night.  Okay, I don’t blame the preschool.  We did think she would catch stuff from the other kids, we just didn’t realize that it would be this horrible.

Preschool has been hard on Chloe, emotionally.  She’s not very outgoing to begin with, and very attached.  It’s hard for her to be away from me or someone that she’s attached to in a new situation, and I can count on one hand the number of times she has been without her parents and grandparents.  We know it’s just going to take time to get used to.  Her biggest problem is not knowing anyone.  It’s hard for her to take when her loving parents are leaving her alone with strange people, including other screaming children.  We try very hard to reassure her that we will be back soon, so far that’s not working too well.

When I first started back at work she was three months old.  It took about 3 weeks for her to get used to it, but until she did she spent the entire 9 hours crying and screaming ALL. DAY. LONG.  I’m not even sort of exaggerating.  I’m so glad that my parents love her and are patient with her because it was not easy.  They had to hold her 100% of the time, and got a lot of exercise walking her around the house (you know that kind of hoppy walk you do to calm a baby).  On the upside, Chloe and my parents are so close.  Their relationship has come to be such a beautiful thing.

Lesson learned.  It’ll take time.  Luckily she’s not crying all day long, just when we leave, when it’s naptime (she doesn’t take naps at home), and when she wants songtime instead of storytime.  Otherwise, she’s been okay, playing well, and coming home to tell us that she’s never going back ever again.   It will be okay – only 14 more years of school left (more if she goes to college, but I’m not going to be the one to tell her that at this point).   I hope she makes a friend soon.  I think that will help.


3 responses to “What Preschool Has Done to Us

  1. Poor Chloe, but at least you know about the issues are trying to make things better, and know that she will be ok eventually! What an amazing mom!

  2. 3continentfamily

    Growing pains 😦

  3. Oh that is so rough. 😦 I’m thinking of you guys. Hope she feels better soon!

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