It’s Time for School

I was a very tired mommy when I wrote that last post.  It’s a few days later.  Chloe is laying on me, tired, still sick and catching up on her episodes of Little Bill.  Daddy is upstairs sleeping because we caught what Chloe has.

My daughter is a preschooler.  And you know what that means, right?  That’s right, within the next year we’ll be putting her in Chinese school!  How’d you guess?  Chinese School.  Ah, I have so many memories.  I went for 4 or 5 years starting from when we moved here.  Although, I don’t remember anything that I was taught.  Languages don’t stick in my head.  I went to Chinese school and barely remember my numbers (although I have to admit part of that is because Chloe retaught me).  I had 3 years of Spanish classes in high school – I remember even less.

But I digress.  Chloe is much better at languages than I am.  My mom speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, some of her home dialect, and Vietnamese to her and she understands and can respond back.  So, off to Chinese school she will go, every weekend, probably starting late this year or early next year.  In fact, I’m pretty sure she’ll go to the same Chinese school that I did if we don’t send her to the one her cousins go to.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about her Spanish/Mexican heritage.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should get her a tutor or send her to school to learn how to speak Spanish.   The big difference is that my husband’s family is not at all like my family, in terms of being on top of keeping the language and culture in the family.  I know that I can’t just ignore that part of her; it is a part of my daughter.  I also realize that it’s mostly on me to incorporate what I can into her life.  I already get a little overwhelmed incorporating everything I can for her Chinese background, but I have my family to help me out with that.

I’m also a little worried about overwhelming her with school.   She just started preschool.  I’m going to wait until she’s been in for about a year before we throw in Chinese school.  I’m thinking I’ll have to wait again if we do decide to add Spanish into the mix, just so that it’s not too much at once.  I’m thinking because she’ll already be going to Chinese school and Kindergarten by then, maybe a tutor would be better.  I just don’t know if going to three schools will be too much for her (and as I’m saying this I realize I haven’t even looked into if they have Spanish schools, but if they do, I’m pretty sure we’ll have them here).

On top of all of that we do plan on putting her in Karate when she’s 5.  I think it’s making me tired just thinking about how much she’s going to have to do.


6 responses to “It’s Time for School

  1. I think that the Chinese School would be enough for now. It’s language that she won’t really have the chance to learn in grade school/high school. Diesel’s starting to learn it in Kindergarten….so another school for just Spanish probably won’t be needed. I wish that there was a VN school around here for Kinhly. The only place around here is a course at the local university but they won’t take her until she’s 5 or 6.
    I’m glad you guys are on the mend. There are SO many bloggers out there with the flu! 🙂

  2. That is so neat that she will be going to Chinese school. It makes me really want to look into something for Lucy to do when she gets a little older. I am sure that there is someone close by who can start teaching her some Vietnamese.

  3. In our nationwide search for schools, I’ve run across a few that actually offer languages in the elementary grades and some that are even a sort of “immersion” type of program… I wonder if you might have that option, so then she wouldn’t have to go to so many different schools?

  4. That is very interesting, Christina. I would like to not send my daughter to 20 different schools; I imagine that would stress her out. I will definitely look into that.

  5. Oh how I wish my area had all of these things! I think it is great you want her to learn!

  6. We have a Spanish immersion program in the elementary school up the street. The program looks amazing. From kindergarten through 6th grade EVERYTHING is in Spanish all the time. There are two classes and four teachers. And all the kids stay together for the whole time. If we were staying in this school district we would definetly try to get Bailey in this program, but it’s very competitive.

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