Editor PSA

Just a small caution.  When applying for a job as an editor, there are a couple of things that you should know going in so that you can impress your potential future co-workers.  For example:

When you see the word isn’t, please don’t take out the apostrophe.  That’s it’s home, and if you cross it out with a big red X, the chances of getting an editing job drop.  If you leave it in then maybe they won’t laugh hysterically after you leave, unless you also happen to… oh, I don’t know, capitalize the word gorilla in the middle of a sentence (“Please hand the banana to the gorilla.”) and spell it Guerilla.

**We do give them access to a dictionary when they’re taking the test.  So, they don’t even have to know how to spell, they can look it up.


5 responses to “Editor PSA

  1. Oh my word! LOL! I know I don’t always do the best job of editing my blog, but OH. MY. WORD!

  2. What great words of advise! I have always wanted to be an editor but fear of stupid errors like that have always stopped me!

  3. hehe
    Carissa reply made me smile! (Advise vs. Advice)
    I used to have a job where I got to do that once and a while. I LOVED it. Those were my best days!

  4. I meant to say that Carissa’s reply made me smile. Oi. haha

  5. 3continentfamily

    Oh dear.

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