Caught Blue-handed and some Shark Love

Chloe now goes to the potty all by herself like a big girl. So I didn’t even blink when she ran to the bathroom and was gone and quiet for a couple of minutes. And when she started yelling, “mommy, come see!” I wasn’t all that sure I wanted to see what she made in the bathroom. Now I’m going to make you see her masterpiece. . .



In case you are wondering, that heart-shaped mass is hand soap.  I guess she thought the mirror was dirty.

Continuing with the fun times for Chloe, we headed to the aquarium today. She had a ball, and I loved petting the rays and sharks!! Not many people know unless they knew me when I was between 9 and 20, but I wanted to be an ichthyologist and study sharks. It was my dream ever since I read my first book about sharks when I was 9. From the beginning they fascinated me – they still do. Needless to say, my favorite part of the aquarium is shark lagoon where we get to touch them. Yes, that’s me, touching sharks. Can you see how happy I am? 🙂






8 responses to “Caught Blue-handed and some Shark Love

  1. Oh I’m sure you handled the soap thing much better than I would have!!
    Those aquarium shots are WAY cute!

  2. Oh man, glad that was soap and not something else!

    Looks like a great time at the aquarium. You are way braver than I – I’m so freaked by sharks. But I petted a dolphin once and that was very cool.

  3. 3continentfamily

    she’s so darn cute!

  4. I’m soo right there with you about the rays/sharks. I think I’m the only adult that has to be coaxed away from the sting ray tank when we visit Sea World.

  5. At least it was soap – when I first saw the pictures I thought toothpaste and oh my the clean up! Soap would not be that bad except all the bubbles! Sorry I cannot related about the sharks, they scare me but my husband and nephew LOVE them!

  6. I’m new to your blog and I’m enjoying it. Your daughter is delightful and such a cutie!

    I’m GREATLY disappointed that I missed the boat for Ladies of the Round Table. I would LOVE to join. I especially like this month’s topic as I’ve struggled with my relationship with my mother through the years.

    Anyway, if there’s ever an opening, please email me at: realdiehls6@aol(dot)com

  7. Awwww…how cute, although I’m sure that wasn’t what you were thinking when you walked in on that mess. We’ve had a few moments just like that except it was with cottage cheese and another time it was cat food scattered in our bathroom. Fun times!!!! It’s moments like these that are never forgotten.

  8. SUCH cute photos!!! You have such a gorgeous family. I love the turtle faces. 🙂

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