Meet the Prince

The guinea pig I mentioned in my last post is finally at home in our office.  I have worked here for over 3 years and I believe for the past 5 years they have always had some kind of office pet in our department.  I don’t think any other departments in our company has pets, but we have since before I worked here.  People in our company always come to visit us to see how our pets are. 

It all started with a salt water tank, completely our boss’ idea.  Starfish, fish, shrimp, an eel.  It was really nice, but not really nice to clean.  Next was a fresh water tank.  Gold fish.  That’s it.  But the gold fish were nice because we used to watch them and they would all have different personalities.  After the gold fish we really wanted something more interactive than fish so we got a water dragon (boss’ idea again). 

We still have the water dragon. 

Last month a coworker in another department was trying to give away a guinea pig to ANYONE.  Her husband got the guinea pig as a gift (who gives a guinea pig as a gift?), but they didn’t want it.  It came with everything – cage, food, water, everything.  About a week ago I was joking around with my boss and I said that we should get a guinea pig after the lizard.  He said that I should have said I wanted one that we could have taken the one our coworker was giving away. 

Ha.  I was the exact wrong person to say that to.  I went and found out she still had it and wanted very badly to give it away and a week later. . . .


The actual truth is that our boss is the best; and just happens to love animals.  We still don’t have a name for him.  He’ll get one soon.  I told my daughter we may have to take him home for the weekend (we have spring break this week at work and don’t want to leave him alone for so long) – she decided to name him Guinea Pig Prince.  I’m excited about this pet in particular because I have a real soft spot for guinea pigs.  I just think that they are the cutest.  How can you resist that face?  Sorry, if the guinea pig picture freaks you out, Char!  🙂  haha.  I still think they’re the cutest.


7 responses to “Meet the Prince

  1. I grew up with a lot of Guinea Pigs as we didn’t realize how fast they could reproduce! I think they are great pets and quiet, most of the time, to boot! I hope he gets a name soon!

  2. Carissa, we just named him. His name is Severus (if you are at all into Harry Potter you’ll recognize it instantly). It is fitting. 🙂

  3. I’m so laughing out loud right now! Thanks for thinking of me in my freaked out state! I used to work at a humane society, so I had to learn to deal with my guinea pig issues. I think they’re really cute; it’s the weird, sudden movements (and biting!) I can do without. Maybe we at the humane society just had a lot of guinea pigs with “baggage”!:)

  4. I love Severus, he is such a cutie. I am a softy for ALL creatures. Angelica has been asking for a guinea pig (or a hamster) lately and I’m just not sure I can handle 3 dogs, 2 cats and a guinea pig…a little much perhaps? Your boss is awesome!

  5. What a cool idea! Could I suggest that Mr. Severus periotically sign correspondance? Perhaps you could give him a title, Public Relations Assistant or something. You could have a lot of fun with him…

  6. have you seen hairless guinea pigs? If not, your opinion on their cuteness might change! haha. He is super cute, I like his name!!

  7. I came to visit because I saw your name is craftymommy. Then I see the photos above and laugh. I scroll down and see your beautiful family, and then further to your little crafter painting! I do not know if you craft, but I enjoyed your blog :)!

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