A Jumble of Thoughts

These past few days my husband and I were on Spring Break. I was determined to finish designing our letter and so I put myself on a blogging ban until I finished. Okay, I’m not “finished,” but I am damn close. A few tweaks here and there and I think that I will be turning it in to our coordinator on Monday/Tuesday. When he approves it then we will have 200 letters printed out (courtesy of my father-in-law, thank you). I have a design that I finally stuck with and that I like. Although, my husband isn’t the hugest fan and asked for a design-off: my letter versus his website. The problem is that we both do design in our day jobs AND hobbies; we both have a very distinct style which is very different from the other person; and because of both of those things we both have a very narrow idea of how exactly this should look. Here’s a small snippet of my hard work:


I’ll let you know who won the design off – if it’s me. ha.

But the blogging ban. NEVER again. Seriously, what was I thinking torturing myself like that? At one point I found myself with this blog open and the ladies of the round table blog open just staring at them. I did get a lot done though, and I played a ton of CandyLand and Cariboo.

Since we were on spring break and Chloe was not, we took in a couple of movies and some really nice lunches. My husband got to pick one and I got to pick one. His pick was The Bank Job – I hated it, but keep in mind that my favorite movies of all time are The Wedding Singer and Love Actually. My choice was Penelope. I loved Penelope, except for one or two things. Okay, I doubt anyone out there cares so much that they’ll be upset over a Penelope spoiler, but if you are out there and do care – look away NOW!







I wish the curse wasn’t broken and she kept her pig nose. I felt a little robbed when she got all normal. I think a bigger lesson of I Love Who I Am would have come across better if the happily ever after included her pig features. I also wanted to see more romance between her and “Max.” I felt like the romance scenes with them were rushed. Other than that I did enjoy the movie. It was so much better than The Bank Job. I told my husband he owes me 5 Penelope’s for making me sit through that movie.  Oh, and by the way, the best actor by far in the entire movie was the reporter – the only other movie that I remember him from was Elf.  He was fantastic.

On a completely unrelated note, our camera crapped out on us last night. The pictures are either completely white or completely black. So no Easter pictures of Chloe finding her basket from the Easter bunny filled with her Easter dress, a book of Kindergarten worksheets, a little egg with princess tattoos, and a half eaten carrot, or of Chloe dying eggs and hunting in the big cousin 100 eggs hunt tomorrow. I know – BOO! We bought that camera right before Chloe was born specifically for shots of her growing up. Hopefully we’ll get a new camera soon.

To end this on a completely happy note – my cousin just got engaged about a week ago. I mailed her a congrats card that I made. . . . and she asked me to create her wedding invitations! I am so excited!! (and nervous – I’ve never crafted something as important as wedding invitations before) We are supposed to go visit them in June so she asked for a couple of samples to choose from when I visit. Then I’ll have a year to create all 221. 🙂


5 responses to “A Jumble of Thoughts

  1. You’re crafting 221 wedding invitations? I bow to you.

  2. Wow, that is a really nice design! I bet it’s one of the nicest letters they’ve ever seen!

    Major bummer about the camera!

  3. I was wondering where you were! I was having “Craftymommy withdrawals”! I’m sure you saw I hit your blog all through the week. (I don’t use a reader.)
    I really like the design. It must be nice to be creative….=)

  4. So that is where you have been…I get it now! I like what we could see of the letter! Good job!

  5. The font and the colors on the top of the letter are really gorgeous!!!

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