Comes in Big Batches

I guess the world wasn’t kidding around when it handed me a bad day yesterday.  Not only did I lose four days worth of work (InDesign decided to override my new file and instead turn it into my old file, but my new file contained four days worth of work that I am trying to now catch up on), and my husband lost two days worth of work two days away from launching their new program and had to work late and so didn’t come home until 10pm on the night that I find out that my grandfather may have colon cancer and my grandmother has an anuerism.   If my grandfather has colon cancer they want to operate and take out a chunk of his colon, but his heart doctor isn’t all that sure he would make it through that operation.  They were going to be operating on my grandmother for a kidney stone and when they were doing an x-ray or something, they found the anuerism and may have to go in sooner.  I should know more next week, but I’m not very happy about having to wait until next week.  Just a little side note:  my grandparents wedding day is the same as ours and this October they will have been married for 52 years.  🙂 

Why do bad things always come in big batches?  It’s like the world saves it up and throws it at you all at once.  Why can’t it save up the good stuff?  I want big batches of good stuff thrown at me.  😉  I want to win the lottery, lose weight, and find the perfect neighborhood for us to live in – all at the same time!

All of this has got my husband and I talking about our health.  I do want to be here and be healthier to share in my daughter’s life, my future children, my future grandchildren. . .great-grandchildren. . .and to do that there are things that really need to change about our lifestyle.  We’re not nearly as active, and our eating could really improve. 

This is my tentative plan that I have come up with so far:  I plan on beginning walking every day for half an hour and hopefully that time will be extended soon.  We also have an exercise bike that I can use along with DDR, which is always fun.  I hope I can insert the exercising in our lives just fine; my pickle is food.  It’s always hard because I dislike cooking.  I can cook a little bit and my cooking isn’t bad.  I mean, I’m no Top Chef, but my food is edible and tastes fine.  I just don’t enjoy cooking, and because of that meals don’t tend to be as healthy as they need to be.  It’s not a problem of not liking healthy food so much as a convenience issue.  We tend to go with what is convenient first.  So I plan on cooking more.  We already love to eat a lot of chicken and I hope to begin adding fish to that too so that a lot of the meat in our diet is either chicken or fish. 

Any advice on how you stick with or have developed healthy habits for yourself or your family?  And what do you do to stay healthy?


8 responses to “Comes in Big Batches

  1. We have not done this since our daughter came home, but before that I was on an incentive plan. If I walked to exercise (not as part of work or shopping) I received a foot massage. I was very motivated to receive my massages!

  2. Also, may I recommend:
    Simple Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin (my favorite cookbook)
    Simple Suppers by Moosewood
    (have been using it a lot since becoming a parent.)

  3. There are a lot of things I try to do, but one thing I’m really very consistent about is whole grains. No white breads, no white flour buns or rolls or bagels or tortillias, no quick oates, etc. I even bake cookies with whole wheat flour. The only one I have a hard time with is rice. I really, really love white rice; and brown rice not so much. When I started reading more about nutrition several years ago, that was the first big change I made in my diet. I lost 5 pounds in one week just from cutting out the over-processed grains.

  4. Oh, also, I am soooo sorry about your grandparents. That is difficult. When my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer my grandmother, shortly thereafter, was diagnosed with congestive heart disease (is that the right term? I’m so tired). At one point they were in the hospital together, sharing a room. I hope all goes well for them and you. I know what you mean about life throwing bad stuff in big batches (referring back to my own grandparents and other stuff that happened then, not what’s going on now, which is stressful, but not technically “bad stuff”).

  5. Carolyn, I’ve tried to think of an incentive for myself. A massage would be nice. 🙂 And I will totally check out those books, thanks for the suggestions.

    Elaine, thanks for the well wishes for my grandparents. I know that they will definitely be needing them. For years my husband has been trying to get me to buy and cook and eat whole grains and I have been so against it (you know, because they don’t taste good 🙂 ). I think I will finally be just sucking it up and doing the whole grain thing. I can already see the shocked look on my husband’s face. ha.

  6. Ok I am with you on the whole grain thing…I am sorry to hear about your grandparents. I hope thing start looking up soon.

  7. Melinda, I’m so sorry about your grandparents. When it rains, it pours sometimes. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Fifty two years is amazing! My grandparents have been married for 53 or 54 years and it’s amazing to me. I have a few tips for healthy stuff, but I’m sooo tired! I’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandparents. I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts from this side of the country.

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