The Horror of Women’s Clothes

Not many of you may know unless you’ve met us in real life, but Chloe is tall.  My daughter is tall, and whenever anyone looks at myself (5’2″), then my husband, then our daughter, they naturally assume my daughter got her height from my 6 ft husband.  We actually have no clue where she got her height from, but I’m one of the shortest ones on my dad’s side of the family.  In fact, only one cousin is shorter than I am.  My dad is the shortest boy at 5’11”.  Most of my dad’s side is freakishly tall, and my daughter is no exception. 

Due to her size Chloe has always grown out of her clothes pretty quickly.  Recently she has grown completely out of any toddler sized clothes.  I have to shop in the girls clothes section now (which I’m not too happy about because I’ve seen *some* of those girls clothes and really, is it me or do they look like mini women’s clothes – as in, way too tight, way too low cut, way too short?). 

Can I just say how horrible this has been?  Seriously – it blows.

For Christmas Chloe got a couple of size 5 girl pants because we told everyone she’s growing out of toddler clothes.  The size 5s she got literally falls right off of her.  Since her toddler pants are getting way too tight we went to buy her more pants.  Bought her size 4s, different name brand – BIG MISTAKE.  They won’t even go up past her knee!  In fact, I would venture a guess that they are a couple sizes smaller than her 5T pants. 

I am about to go insane buying her clothes and I’ve realized, very sadly, that we’ve reached a new era in her clothes buying life.  We’re going to have to start trying clothes on at the store.  I never had to do this with her baby and toddler clothes and figured I wouldn’t until she was preteen.  She’s only FOUR.  I don’t know how I’m going to convince my 4-year-old girl to stay still while we try on a ton of clothes until we find one that fits. 

I don’t understand why there isn’t a universal sizing thing for women’s clothes – and apparently, girl’s clothes too.  Don’t even get me started on how hard a time I have finding clothes for myself because of this.

I always hated going shopping with my mom because I’d have to try on so many clothes because she wanted to make sure they fit (yeah, when I was a preteen I think I blamed my mom for that).  I didn’t realize how horribly made women’s clothes are until I started shopping for myself. 

It doesn’t make sense because Chloe is pretty proportionate.  I mean, she’s tall but she’s not super skinny or large.  Everyone has different bodies and are different sizes.  Fine.  Figure out what body shape and length is what size and mark them ALL the same!  It’s hard enough getting a 4 year old to sit through ME trying on clothes (*although she has learned that saying that mommy looks pretty in something just may speed up the process, so you can imagine that everything I try on looks pretty on me 🙂 There’s nothing like hearing a little girl shout, “You’re so beautiful, mommy. . . . .Can we go NOW?”*).


3 responses to “The Horror of Women’s Clothes

  1. My niece is the same way…she hates trying on clothes and will tell you anything fits, to know for sure you have to see her in it or it could be way too small or way too big. Good luck!

  2. We have the same problems. I get so frustrated with buying clothes for our daughter because of her height and weight…not only that but she HAS to be the one to choose *her* clothes. I have to agree with you on the little girl department too…who makes these clothes anyway, ick!

  3. I have to make R~ try on most everything too… the exception is pants if they have the elastic tighteners in them – but even still I have to be careful because the lengths aren’t uniform. It’s crazy and annoying. And I don’t like to try stuff on either – I’ve taken to just buying off the rack and then returning if it doesn’t fit at home. It’s just not worth the hassle to drag my kids into the changing room with me and I never have a chance to shop alone!

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