I Had Something Else in Mind

I had a different post all written out, but wordpress is being mean and won’t let me upload pictures. 

My lifestyle change goals are going well.  I’m doing them in stages instead of all at once.  I’ve got dinner down.  It went well.  We had a home-cooked meal every night and I didn’t have to stay in the kitchen and cook it.  ha!  We discovered that Chloe can’t get enough mushrooms; she devoured almost all of the ones I cooked for the three of us. 

My next stage is conquering breakfast.  I’m bad about breakfast.  Normally our mornings are: my husband gets up and gets ready – I wake up and get ready while he gets Chloe’s clothes and stuff ready for the day – we both get Chloe ready (unless I woke up really late and then he gets her ready) – we leave.  It takes about an hour.  No time for breakfast.  Chloe gets breakfast at her sitters, and we send her with breakfast to preschool.  So I either don’t eat or have to stop somewhere to get it (McD’s, the doughnut shop, or the Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast).  Not very good at all.  Starting next week I’m going to focus on getting myself breakfast every morning at home, which means waking up earlier – and that, of course, is never a good thing.  😉 

Other things that I’ll need to tackle in the future: lunch, exercise, snacking, what I order when we eat out, losing weight. I’m trying to tackle them one at a time. 

Our adoption letter is in the hands of the top/lead coordinator lady – who we’ve met and is super nice.  We basically have two more approvals, which will hopefully happen next week.  At the very earliest, if everything goes as quickly as possible (and you know how that goes), we could have our letters start going out by Monday, the 21st.  So it’s going to be about a month over what I originally dreamed of anticipated, but that’s not so bad.  And really, our letter and website scream us and our style so much that I think the extra time we took on it was worth it.  Even if the approvals don’t go at lightening speed, we’ll be officially waiting for our phone to ring by the end of April.

Besides, in mid-May we’ll have paid off the adoption entirely (or have all the money we need saved up to do so) and my husband said that when that happens I can go buy all of the baby stuff that I have ever wanted in order to prepare for our baby.  (*although, that might not have been his exact words, I think it’s what he definitely implied by whatever it was he said*) 🙂


3 responses to “I Had Something Else in Mind

  1. Ugh, I hear you on breakfast. That should be one of my goals, too – since it is the most important meal of the day! Unfortunately, I hate to eat right after waking up, so the most I can do is a cup of tea or coffee. I bought some vegan toaster waffles that are not so bad, definitely better for me than a bagel from Dunkin Donuts or pancakes from the greasy spoon in our neighborhood!

    Also, I’ll have a blog post up soon about it, but thank you so much for your tutorial on the paper-covered letters! I made them this weekend. Sort of labor intensive, but they look awesome!

  2. 3continentfamily

    One step at a time 🙂 You are smart to make changes one by one.

    I hope your grandparents are doing okay.

  3. Oh how I agree about a one step at a time approach, that is the best step! And I am so glad that your letter is almost done! And baby shopping will happen before you know it!

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