Save the Date

I’ve been keeping busy. I do have over 200 wedding invitations, save the date cards, and placecards to make for my cousin’s wedding. I’m excited and it feels good to contribute to my cousin’s wedding. I’m in the midst of making samples for her to choose from. I started on the Save the Date. I know a way I can make them into 2×3 magnets fairly easily. I have a couple more sample’s to make for the Save the Date’s, then I’ll move onto samples of the wedding invitations. Who would have thought I would be this deep into wedding stuff lately. It feels nice, though, to keep myself busy.  There are just things in life that I want to ignore right now.


5 responses to “Save the Date

  1. 3continentfamily

    I love all 3 but I think the middle is my favorite.

    2010?!! Wow, they are planning ahead!

  2. The middle one is mine and my husband’s favorite too. 🙂

    Yes, 2010. They started a lot of the planning because the original date was 2009. They just moved the date one full year last week.

  3. Wow, I LOVE the top two, the first one in particular. That shade of violet is gorgeous!

    You are so talented!

  4. Wow, i don’t have a creative bone in my body, so i am REALLY impressed! i love the middle one, but the 3rd one is reaaly beautiful too, i’m sickened by how on top of stuff they are to be planning 2 years ahead!!!

  5. Ok so I have to be different, I love the last one! But they are all great!

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