Meet Mrs. Mopey

Mrs. Mopey. That’s me lately.

I decided to take a short one week job during what would have been our Rhode Island vacation in June.  I’m sad about not going, but we did go back in December.  My parents are still going, as planned, and they want to bring Chloe with them.  It’s no secret that both my grandparents’ health is not as good as it should be and is part of the reason we are trying to make trips to Rhode Island when we can.  It’s because of that that I feel completely selfish about possibly not letting Chloe go without us.  Part of it is that I’m not confident in her going.  It will be 9 days, an 8 hour plane ride away.  I have no doubts about how hard this will be for me to be away from her for so long and so far away.  Part of it is that Chloe has said no to going without us.  It makes sense.  All her life she has never been away from us for more than one night of spending the night, which is less than a five minute drive from our house.  We have agreed that if Chloe becomes excited about going and really wants to that we will let her go.  So, there’s me.  Mrs. Mopey.  Already missing her.

Supposedly, according to our coordinator as of today, our letters should be approved this Friday to start being distributed.  This has taken so long and gone beyond any end date I had in my mind that I’m just not happy about it until it actually happens.  Every time we got to where I thought that we were at the end, something else would come up or need to happen; it sucked all the initial excitement out of it, the constant barriers.  The control is in the hands of everyone but me at this point.

blah.  No words of wisdom or reflection from me at this point.


2 responses to “Meet Mrs. Mopey

  1. Wow, that would be tough for me to let my girl go for that long too, no matter the age. Sounds like you’ve got a great approach, if she gets excited about it then go for it. If it were shorter, that’s one thing, but that’s a long trip if she’s not into it first.

    Sorry to hear it’s taking so long to get your letters out – I can imagine you’re frustrated, as it seems it is taking an awfully long time! Hopefully once you do get them out things will start moving along.

  2. I absolutely HATE losing control as well. I am hoping and praying that things are moving soon.

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