I feel the need to refocus.  With the exception of the two posts on family and guilt of excessiveness that I have churning through my thoughts that I want to get down within the next week or so and Ladies of the Round Table, I’m going on a kind of bloging hiatus.  I don’t know how long.  Refocus and Reorganize.  That’s what I’m hoping for.

I will still try to post often about what is going on, but it will be via pictures and such.  🙂  So I won’t really be gone, just my words and thoughts for the most part, and I’m always available via email.

***The ceramic take out box above is so cute, isn’t it?  We do a secret buddy thing at work and it was one of my gifts (you get six gifts total – one per month).


2 responses to “Refocus

  1. 3continentfamily

    hiatus is good once in a while 🙂 but do post some pics!

    V. cute take out box.

  2. Enjoy your break, I need one as well but I am not sure I will take one any time soon!

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