I wanted to celebrate being “in the books” so I bought myself/our future baby (*who, for now, will be Baby M  – because I hope he/she will be born this year, the year of the Mouse*) a brand new boppy.  I LOVE the boppy.  My chest isn’t really made to be able to just hold a baby and breastfeed.  It is really uncomfortable for me and the baby.  We tried all sorts of breastfeeding positions with Chloe, and it was always so hard to be comfortable.  Using the boppy was comfortable, for both of us, so that’s what we used to breastfeed every.single.time.  Chloe’s boppy got to where it was flat because we used it so much. 

A beautiful brand new boppy.  I’m happy.  Let’s hope that Baby M and I will use this one so much that it will be flat.


3 responses to “Boppy

  1. I love the boppy! I never used it a whole lot to breastfeed, but some. But we used them for learning to sit up A LOT, and my two kids who got boppys still use them to sleep on. Actually, the little dog uses one of them, too, so that’s kind of gross.

  2. I think it’s great you bought yourself (and baby) a little something to celebrate. Good for you! I’ve heard great things about the boppy but never had the opportunity, myself, to use it.

  3. I looooove that little sweet pea cover! Did you make it yourself?

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