Itchy Fingers

My mom used to tell me that I had itchy fingers because I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.  I would have to be doing something.  Chloe reminds me of that all the time now.  This is before, before when she could sit still long enough for me to actually take a picture of her:

I have thousands of pictures of my beautiful baby, looking straight at the camera for mommy.  I loved that period.  I got gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture.  Now she’s so itchy that all my pictures look like this:

Busy playing and discovering her world; always on the run.  Another sign that she’s growing up.  My only secret weapon for any photo session is. . . .ice cream.  Now that’s something to sit still for.

Of course, she doesn’t mind posing for the camera when she’s taking pictures, but then I get shots like this.

One of four pictures she took of her hand.  The other ten pictures she took were of the shopping cart, and my butt (*those have been erased, not long after she laughed herself silly*).


Something extra thrown in for fun:



In other breath-taking news, I have a new toy!  It’s a Wacom tablet, and it’s gorgeous.  I’m ecstatic!  No more running away from the pen tool (check out my curves!)!




3 responses to “Itchy Fingers

  1. Chloe has such a sweet face. I love her rosy cheeks in the first photo. You know, if she used to sit still but doesn’t now, I’m in trouble! I have a hard time getting a “normal” photo of Mattix right now. Where are we going to be in five years?!?! 🙂

  2. I love your sweet baby! She is so adorable both moving and sitting still and even with ice cream!

  3. Way cool curves!!
    And Kinhly has started taking pics lately! They’re SO funny and SO not flattering. haha Isn’t it funny, the old our kids get, the more we need to make sure we have a camera with a super high shutter-speed! When I was looking for cameras when Diesel was little, I figured “I don’t need a fast shutter-speed, I’m not photographing a basketball game or anything.” haha It’s so much worse than a basketball game!

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