I Can’t Sleep

Bags are packed.

Not my bags.  My baby’s bags.  MY BABY.  Chloe is leaving early tomorrow morning with her grandparents to stay with her great-grandparents for a week.  I’m having a really hard time letting go – without going *insane* and so I can’t sleep.

I thought I would recap some questions that came up in comments or things going on here.

Chloe’s concert went spectacularly.  The pictures were crap.  I *could not* take a good picture; the lighting was horrible and all my pictures are very grainy.  The video we got was great though.  I’m torn about posting the video even though I want you to see how cute my daughter is because there are other people’s children on it.  Really, her group’s dance STOLE.THE.SHOW.  Not even exaggerating.

We’ll be welcoming a kitten into our home next week, one day before Chloe comes back home.  She doesn’t know yet; it’ll be a surprise for when she comes back.  We don’t have a name for the cute kitten right now; we’re still debating that.  So far the suggestions are:  Splenda, Avocado, Olive, Magenta, and Chocolate.  I have no idea how most of the suggestions ended up being food.  I’ll let you know when we pick a name.

Website.  Ah yes.  We can keep track of the stats on hits and where from and such.  I don’t really want to at this point.  I’ve actually been asked a lot about this in real life.  My friends and coworkers want to know how many hits we’ve had.  It’s just a personal preference of mine.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking at some point.  What I am excited about is that every month in the middle of the month we will hear from our counselor and he will tell us how many of our letters have been sent out the month prior.  The first one we will receive will be mid-July for the number of our letters that went out in June.  I’m trying to keep at the forefront of my mind that while seeing the number may be exciting, they only mean so much.  It will happen.  It will happen when the time is right and the decision is right.


2 responses to “I Can’t Sleep

  1. Oh I hope you are able to sleep while she is gone, if I recall correctly this is the first time she has been away from home for this long. Good luck! And I am glad to hear that her dance group stole the show! As for the kitten the food names are cute, cannot wait to hear which you choose! I hope something comes from the website at just the right time!

  2. You have such wonderful will power to not check the stats on your website! I’d be refreshing that thing so much, I’d crash their server!
    I hope you’ve enjoyed your baby-free time! I hope you went to a couple of movies and went out to dinner a couple times!!

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