A Pigeon Problem

My parents moved into their current house about 6 years ago.  They had a small pigeon problem back when they first moved in.  The pigeons would hang out on the roof of the house, and make a mess on the roof, on the stairway, on the back porch, on the front walkway, etc.  It got progressively worse as the years passed and it has gotten to be absolutely ridiculous.  There are so many pigeons, the neighbors feed the pigeons and bring even more pigeons, the mess of bird sh*t around the house and everywhere is just disgusting.  It’s filthy.

My parents have tried everything they could think of.  They put thousands of dollars worth of spikes on the roof and windowsills.  They bought a machine that makes a sound like a large bird that I guess is supposed to scare the pigeons.

The last bit of news they heard from some company that sells things to get rid of pigeons is that as long the pigeons babies are on the roof, the pigeons are staying.  My dad spent all day today working on the roof and has so far found dozens of pigeon families, nests, and too many to count pigeon babies and eggs.

And by the way, pigeon babies – not the most attractive babies in the animal kingdom.  Not only are they not cute, but man do they stink.  Wow.  It was awful taking those pictures because I could smell them.

Hopefully this will work and the pigeons will be gone soon.  I hate the idea of being cruel to them, but honestly all they have done is cause problems for my parents.


4 responses to “A Pigeon Problem

  1. rainbowmom

    Crafty Mommy,
    I love wild birds (you can see my post on my daughter’s blog little-miss-mia.blogspot.com) but I would like to give you some additional incentive for getting rid of the pigeons. My dad got cryptococcosis from pigeons when he lived in a major city infested with the pigeons. It’s a fungus in the lungs caused by inhaling areas covered in pigeon droppings. It can be very dangerous. Get rid of the birds!!!!!

    And you’re not joking; they are ugly babies!!!

  2. Oh man, I am showing this to my neighbor. Our houses are only three years old and she has a pigeon problem. I’m sooo afraid her problem is going to “spread” to our house – we live directly next door. She too has spent a lot of money trying to elimate the problem. The problem elimantor man (read: the guy who charges lots of money to “try” to get rid of the pigeons) told her the most reliable solution invovles a BB gun. Just repeating what she was told. I cannot stand pigeons – they’re like rats with wings. And if you’re okay with trapping rats… Oh, those photos are disturbing! I hope your parents can get rid of the problem, quick.

  3. How I can so relate – our porch is going to have to have a new roof thanks to our piegon friends. If they find a solution PLEASE let me know – I want our porch back.

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