His Job is Done

The anniversary dinner went really well. I’m the talk of the family! 🙂 The guestbook that had all sorts of pictures of my parents relationship together was a HIT. Everyone signed. Everyone was touched. My parents got fabulous presents. The food was great. Nine courses, not including dessert. There were three desserts, including the Taro crispy cake that I brought (bought and ordered – the easy way; I know I was going to bake it, but I have no clue how I would have had the time).

Completely unrelated to anything, have I mentioned that I love living in this age of technology?  We were grocery shopping yesterday and Chloe had to use the restroom.  Steven stayed with the cart and Chloe and I went off to the restrooms.  Well, there was a man outside the women’s restroom, facing the corner wall, on the phone, but not talking and not moving.  I don’t feel like he was threatening at all, but it was so strange.  Anyway.  I hurried Chloe into the bathroom and immediately texted my husband telling him that there was a strange man outside the women’s bathroom.  By the time we were done and leaving my husband was standing outside the bathroom a few feet from the other guy.  Love technology.  (LOVE my husband.)

On to better things.  Right now I have my sights set on Vegas. Countdown: 3 days!! Photoshop World, here I come. My boss agreed to let us get Wifi for our hotel room (you know – in case I need to email work or something; haha) so hopefully I’ll be able to check in while I’m there.

I have a lot to catch up on before I leave, but I’ll leave you with this snapshot of a conversation my daughter and husband had this morning:

Chloe: In school, all the boys are BAD.

Daddy: . . .my job is done. . .

Mommy: *cracking up in the background*


3 responses to “His Job is Done

  1. I’m so glad that the dinner went well and that your guestbook was well received!
    I can’t wait to follow you to Vegas! I’ll live *through* you! 😀

  2. I’m not surprised the dinner went well – you worked hard and did some really amazing stuff. That guestbook sounds so cool!!
    Love Chloe’s assessment of the boys! LOL:)

  3. Congrats to a job well done on dinner – I’m sure you deserve all the praise you are getting!

    I’m loving the overheard conversation as well…

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