My Kid is Popular?

How did that happen?  Chloe was invited to her first friend birthday party.  It’s cute, and I know it won’t be the last by far.  My little girl is popular.  I don’t know where that came from, but when I talk to other parents and teachers in her class apparently their little ones are quite smitten with my little girl.  Everyone wants to play with Chloe.  This sounds so mean of me, but I’m honestly not complaining.  Not really.  This has almost zero to do with my daughter and everything to do with the fact that I was most definitely not the little girl that was invited to all the parties and had a classroom full of friends.  You know that curse that parents put on their children: you just wait, you’re children are going to be exactly like you and then you’ll know what it’s like.  Ha!  I somehow stumbled upon the you just wait, your children are going to be exactly like your sister curse. 

My sister.  Love her.  My sister was homecoming queen AND prom queen.  Dated the star basketball player and everyone adored her.  It’s still that way.  Wherever she goes people are drawn to her.  Me.  Well, I prefered reading a book to actually talking to other people – still do most of the time. 

I was just realizing today how different Chloe’s school experience is going to be from my own.  I hope that I do okay feeding that social side of her.  I’m very much an introvert and the thought that I’m going to have to socialize with parents for my daughter makes me feel like I’m going to break out in hives.  It is daunting for me.  I’m not social at all, and yet, there’s this little social butterfly in my daughter.  I don’t want to break that with my own social inadequacies because it really is part of her beauty. 

Oh, look at that, I managed to make the whole thing a pity party for me.  How about some good news so that I can change the subject?  We got the August count for our adoption letters and 3 were sent out.  This is our third month being in the books.  Since the average is 6-12 months for our agency; I’m trying to just relax while I wait.  It’s probably why I haven’t mentioned our adoption in a while.  I know I still have a wait ahead of me and if I start to obsess about it now – well, I’ll go even further into the insanity. 

Let’s work on a photo.  I’ve been wanting to practice this one and I finally got a chance this morning.

Here’s the after shot of what we’ll be making:

And here’s the original:

Open it up in Photoshop.  Add a duplicate background layer (either by pulling the layer into the new layer icon or by right clicking on the layer and choosing “Duplicate Layer.”  Apply a Gausian Blur by going to Filter – Blur – Gausian Blur.  Now my picture looks like this:

Apply a layer mask by clicking on the Layer Mask icon – the one with the little circle inside a square.  Now your layers will look similar to below.

I zoomed into her face so that I could see better.  Now take a soft brush and using black, brush in the details you want.  Notice below I had brushed in the heart on her face, everything else remains blurred.

After that I brushed in her eyes, part of her nose, and her lips.  Next, I lowered the opacity on the brush and lightly brushed a little bit of her hair so that only bits of it would come through.  When I was done, I cropped the photo, added a light by going to Filter – Render – Lighting Effects and here you have it:



2 responses to “My Kid is Popular?

  1. Stop it! These tutorials are so fabulous! I seriously need about 5 hours to stop and play with these tips you’re posting…

    And YAY for three more letters!

  2. WOW I LOVE the photo tutorials and all the pictures. Thanks for sharing and so glad that you are sharing!

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