Oh Dear

Was that last post cryptic?  haha.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t even realize.  I was even a little shocked this morning when I read my emailed comments from that post. 

It was honestly just one of my favorite quotes that I was messing around with in photoshop. 

But I tell you what.  I am going to visit my sister in Florida next month.  My sister lives in a very small town up in the panhandle.  Very small town.  The estimated population in 2004 was about 757 (I looked it up; just for you).  Just as a comparison, my high school graduating class had about 740 students.  The last time I went I discovered, somewhere along their main road, a winery (well, okay, my sister told me it existed and I drove around the city’s 4.7 miles to find it).  Go figure.  It looks like a little house and is completely surrounded by. . . .nothing. 

The winery is run by this older couple.  The husband runs all the wine and wine making stuff.  The wife runs the shop, which is where you can taste and buy the wine, and includes a very kitschy shop upstairs and downstairs.  Very cute stuff.  She was so much fun.  She gave us tiny little cups to taste the wine, and then she would fill up half the cup for herself.  Really nice lady – and she was outright hilarious after a few of those cups of wine.  And the best part?  Hands down – the BEST wine I’ve ever had.  We bought an entire case (12 bottles) and had it shipped to us.  We kept some and gave a little over half away as Christmas presents that year.  Now, when we tell people we’re going on vacation in Florida, the people we gave the wine to totally remembers it and can’t wait until we come back with more.

The first full day we’re in Florida next month I’m going back and having another case sent out to us.  Hang on, I’m getting to the part where this has to do with you and me not being cryptic (even though I didn’t mean to be).  I had actually planned this all along, but I’ll let you in on it.  I’m going to save one of the bottles for celebration when our adoption does actually happen.  So.  When you see a picture of a celebratory opened blue bottle of Carlos wine on my blog – well, without a doubt in your mind you’ll know for sure.  And then find a bottle of something, anything, and break it open and celebrate with me.  🙂 


Unless it happens before I visit my sister, in which case I have one more yellow bottle of wine left in our pantry (is it sad that I don’t know most of the names of the wine we ever buy – I only know what color the bottle is and how they generally look?  because it’s not like I buy all kinds of different wines, usually just the same ones).





On a completely unrelated note:  I’m so glad tv is back!!  Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, TrueBlood, so much more. . . did I mention Heroes is back?  And the presidential debates are starting up.  Goodness, I am going to be working my TIVO hard.


2 responses to “Oh Dear

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! This is so something I would do! As soon as I see that blue bottle though, I will be joining you in celebrating. Even if it means jumping in my car and getting something! For some reason, wine doesn’t last long in this house. 😉

    And… YAY for TV coming back… and Heroes!

  2. So glad to know I didn’t miss out on anything! And now I am watching for wine bottles!!

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