Random Pictures

I was putting together a calendar for next year and ran into some random pictures that I had meant to post months ago but never got around to.  Most of these are from our Chinese Ghost Festival.

{Chloe praying}

{offering for the spirits}

{my little girl}

{me with my mom when I was a baby; found this one hunting for photos for my parent’s anniversary guestbook; notice the old school baby bouncer – is it me or does that look really dangerous?}

{my cubicle at work; no clue why I took this but I found it; can you tell I miss my family while I’m at work?  There’s actually many more pictures all over my desk.}


3 responses to “Random Pictures

  1. great pics! I’d love to learn more about the offerings for the spirits, etc. Chloe is so adorable! And OMG your hair! Was it red?!? Blonde?!!? LOVE that baby bouncer!

  2. You just brought back major memories to my mind! I had that same baby seat except mine was that sick seventy’s pea green. I had if for a long time and used to put my babydolls in it. And, yes, definitely unsafe. Thanks for the flashback!

  3. so sweet! Love that close of of Chloe, she is beautiful! And yeah, that bouncy thing does look scary 😉

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