Just For Kicks





 [This is the placecards I used for the Christmas lunch that I threw.  Everyone’s placecard had their own photo on it.]


 [My husband didn’t like the red one so I made this one.  I like it better too]

And a Photoshop tip:

Something really cool about Photoshop is the ability to instantly create picture contact sheets that you can print out for any size.  For example, when I mail out my holiday cards I also like to make wallets of them and instead of making them myself I let Photoshop do all the work for me.

Open your photo.  Go to File, Automate, Picture Package.

From there you can choose the page size, for my wallets I choose 8×10.  The layout is the size of the photos.  I choose (8)2.5×3.5.  Then you click on OK, and you get this:


Since the whole thing is 8×10, don’t forget to print 8×10 when you send it off to the printer.  Now all I have to do is cut them out.  Easy peasy.


3 responses to “Just For Kicks

  1. Oooo – awesome tip!

  2. 3continentfamily

    The first shot is *gorgeous* please tell me you are going to hang that up…and your card is just stunning!

  3. Oh I never knew that about the wallet size…I so must do that!

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