Old Lady Goals

It’s funny how much time I have had to think when I haven’t been blogging my thoughts for a couple of weeks.  I’m going to hit a birthday in a couple of weeks and I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how to look at this.  When I hit this birthday it will then be one year until I hit 30.  😉

I’m not dreading turning 30 (I enjoy being an adult much more than I enjoyed being young), but I’m also not exactly where I want to be at 30.  This year, in lieu of my new year’s resolutions, I’ve been thinking long and hard about goals that I want met by the time I’m 30.  Getting my life in order is the focus.  That way, I’ll be well on my way to being where I want to be when I’m 40 – I don’t have the clearest picture of what that will look like, but I will let that clear up with time.

Move. I don’t know that we’ll actually be moved by the time I turn 30, but we should be real close to it.  We found an area that we like with good schools, good neighborhoods, house prices that aren’t overwhelming, the diversity that we want, and lots of tech job options for my husband – and it’s right in between my sister in Florida and my family in Rhode Island.  We’re waiting for a couple of things before we even start sending out the hubby’s resume.  We want my husband to hit 5 years and/or finish the application that he’s currently working on so that creating the application can be a part of his experience when he’s job hunting – it’s a pretty big thing so it’ll look real nice on his resume.  He hits 5 years at his current job in September; the application, well, it’s already 8 months past the original deadline.  Before we move, my husband needs to get a job over there, but resumes won’t be send out just yet.

Complete our adoption. We really want to complete our adoption several months before we move.  It’ll make it easier on everyone involved.  This one is hard because it’s not completely in our hands.  We’re right about to hit 6 months of waiting.  Our agency’s average wait time is 6-12 months, but it’s hard to say because there are so many other factors going into your wait time.  Also, this February or March will mark one year that our homestudy was completed for this agency which means that if we don’t match by then we’ll have to get our homestudy updated.  I could say more, but none of it is exciting or good news.

Budget and save money. This is mostly for the move, though I do want to get into the habit of saving larger amounts of money.  Does that sound odd?  One of the things my husband and I are great at is saving small sums so that we can buy a large item like a sofa or computer or bed or xmas presents.  Not so great at continuing to save beyond that.  What I would love for now is to save enough to cover us for 6 months, and then continue to save like that when we’re settled.  That way, if I don’t get a job right away when we move we won’t be hurting too much, especially since the cost of living there is lower and I want to save enough to survive for 6 months here.  We’re going to have to be more discriminating about what we need (new fridge to replace the one that keeps breaking down on us) and what we want (new couch because I hate the color and how uncomfortable our current couch is).  I’m going to set it up to be paid into our savings like a bill would be to help us save automatically.

WAHM. Speaking of jobs.  I really enjoyed the last couple of weeks where it was just me and my daughter again.  For the past half a year or so I’ve really started to feel like my job was . . . just a job.  It’s a place I go just to get a paycheck, and I fully realize my work hasn’t been as great as before I started to feel like that.  I do need a job, for several reasons not all of them money but most of them are money reasons.  Admittedly I love to shop.  That’s just a small part and it’s not even sort of the only reason, but I like having the small luxeries that I can afford because both my husband and I work.  However, I do miss being home and being such a large part of my child’s life.  Tossing around in my head is the tip of an idea that would include me working from home.  It’s not something I’ll do while we’re in California but I’m hoping that for now I can explore my options for when we move, or maybe I can explore the work at home option here if we adopt a heck of a lot sooner than us moving (please!).  I think my best shot is exploring graphic design options.  I do well working in InDesign and Photoshop.  I’m also going to start to train on Illustrator and Dreamweaver – luckily my boss also wants me to learn these programs so I get to train on them during work.  Speaking of work – I’ve been beyond stressed in part because I keep taking more and more contract jobs.  The money is nice, but it’s just not worth it anymore.  So one of my goals is no more contract jobs.  That’s the other thing being with Chloe for two weeks taught me – when I’m at home that’s what it should be.  I don’t want to miss out because I was working two or three jobs when the money is extra that we don’t have to have.  Gotta stop the greed.  One job for me is more than enough.

I want to be a hot mama. haha.  I want to look good.  This past year I’ve been eating a bit healthier.  I’ve moved on to whole wheat products and even oat stuff (none of which I ever would have touched before).  I still eat white rice, but I’ve cut down on it drastically.  My rice cooker isn’t even out on the counter anymore and I haven’t finished the 50 pound bag we bought last Tet.  I keep granola bars at work in case I want breakfast.  I cut out most of my sweets, and I’ve stopped drinking soda.  I’m down to barely one soda a week, which, if you knew how much soda I used to drink. . . The next step is including exercise and continuing to make healthier changes to my diet.  I’m going to focus a lot more on not only being healthy, but losing all this extra baggage.  I’ve considered joining a gym and getting a personal trainer but that would defeat my goals of saving money and spending more time at home.  It’s back to the old standbys – my exercise bike that’s now being used as a towelrack and the Wii Fit that has been shoved under the ugly uncomfortable couch.

Phew!  That’s a lot to do in a year.  I know things don’t always turn out like we expect, but these are my hopes for the next year or so.


7 responses to “Old Lady Goals

  1. 3continentfamily

    Good luck with your goals! It’s always good to get the most important ones sorted and organized- they seem more doable.
    As far as turning 30- you are right not to dread it. Seriously, it’s a fun age to turn. And now that I’m newly 40 (lol), I can tell you that by mid 30s, you’ll be reassessing everything all over again, just like you are now 🙂
    Hot mama? You look great and again, the new hair cut and color is beautiful!

  2. What fabulous goals! I have a few guesses about where you are thinking of moving – I look forward to hearing that announcement! I’m so inspired by the changes you’re taking on!

  3. You shoved your Wii Fit under the couch????? I LOVE mine. Right, so now I’m being one of those annoying, gushing people, but I really do love it. Who needs a gym if they have the Wii fit??? I mean, sure, it’s not all as butt busting as a gym/trainer would be, but that’s part of what I like about it.

  4. klarobinson215

    Great Goals! Don’t worry – 30 isn’t as bad as it seems – 31 is worse 😉
    I hope your adoption call comes soon! The wait is so hard. I will join you in wanting to be a hot momma!

  5. Those are good goals. And I like how you are realistic, taking advantage of the waiting time to plan and prepare. I’m really bad at that part – I always want to make a change now and see instant results… which, like, never works. I should try it your way this year!

  6. Sounds like you really know what you want, and that’s half the battle! I was thinking about your adoption the other day (not in a stalker kind of way, don’t worry:) and I really hope it happens for you soon, soon, soon!
    As for the healthy eating, sounds like you’re on your way. AND, I don’t care what people say, there is NO substitute for white rice- white, Asian rice to clarify. I could not live without my personal favorite Thai Jasmine rice. I figure a billion people can’t be wrong.

  7. If those are old lady goals then I am in bog trouble as I thought they were pretty good goals! Good luck with them and I hope that your adoption is complete before you know it!

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